Ollie's Menu

Please notify us of any food Allergies!!!

Specialty Sundaes:         Sizes available: Regular or Junior

(all Sundaes come with Vanilla Custard unless otherwise specified)

Turtle -  hot fudge, caramel, and pecans                                 

Raspberry fudge truffle - hot fudge and raspberries
Strawberry fudge truffle - hot fudge and strawberries           

Strawberry Banana - strawberries and banana
Taffy Apple - Caramel and Apple topping                                

Butter Pecan - butterscotch and pecans
Caramel Pecan - caramel and pecans                                   

Tin Roof - hot fudge and spanish peanuts
S`mores - choc.custard, graham crackers & marshmallow            

Chocolate Marshmallow - choc. custard & marshmallow

Parfait (one size) - hot fudge, caramel,chopped nuts, mini snickers bar

Banana Split - banana, choc. syrup, pineapple, strawberries, chopped nuts, whipped cream & cherries

Black Forest - hot fudge and old fashioned cherries

Aloha (B) - banana, pineapple, and coconut

Aloha (S) - strawberries, pineapple, and coconut

Twixster - brownies, caramel, and twix

Black bird - choc. custard, banana, hot fudge, and oreo's

Peanut Butter & Jelly - peanut butter sauce and strawberries

Harlination - caramel, marshmallow and kit kat

Elvis - banana, marshmallow, and peanut butter

Rocky Road - choc. custard, marshmallow, and almonds

Hedge - peanut butter, oreos, gummy bears

Huskie - strawberries and oreos

Strawberry Hill - strawberries, marshmallow, and chopped nuts

Raspberry Hill - raspberries, marshmallow, and chopped nuts

Blueberry Hill -  blueberries, marshmallow, and chopped nuts

Hot Cookie - hot fudge and chocolate chip cookie dough pieces

Red Hot Cookie - hot fudge, strawberries, and chocolate chip cookie dough pieces

Strawberry Shortcake - caramel, strawberries, and graham crackers

There is extra charge for whip cream unless it is specified that it comes with it. If you would like extra toppings or nuts there is an extra charge. We do not put any toppings on top of our cones!! You're more than welcome to get a topping on the side for your dipping pleasure.

Toppings for Sundaes, Arctic Blasts, Shakes and Malts

Hot Fudge                Pecans                    Cheesecake Pieces       
Chocolate Syrup     Cashews                 Brownies 
Caramel                   Spanish Nuts         Graham Crackers           
Peanut Butter          Chopped Nuts        Snicker Doodle
Butter Scotch           Diced Almonds      Sprinkles                           
Strawberry                Oreo s                      Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 
Raspberry                Snickers                   Whoppers
Blueberry                  M&M                          Crushed Whoppers
Pineapple                Coconut                   Reese's PB Cups 
Apple                         Heath                       Chocolate Chunks
Banana                     Ande's Mint              Kit Kat
Butterfingers            Marshmallow          Old Fashioned Cherries
Nestle Crunch

*** Caution Please inform us of any Allergies ***

Arctic Blasts - Please see above for flavors - Sizes available - sm(12oz), reg (16oz), or lg (32 oz)

Shakes and Malts - Please see above for flavors - Sizes available - sm(12oz), reg (16oz), or lg (32 oz)

Boston Shake/Malt - (One Size) - Shake or Malt with a small one topping sundae  on top

Floats - Root beer float (black cow), green river float (Green Cow), coke float and diet coke float.

Sizes available: sm(12oz), reg (20oz), or lg (32 oz)

Old Fashioned sodas (one size) - available in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, and green river flavors mixed with vanilla custard and soda water topped with whip cream and a cherry.

Specialty Pie's (Graham Cracker Crust)

Turtle Pie - vanilla custard, hot fudge caramel, pecans and 5 cherries

Strawberry Banana Pie - vanilla custard, banana and strawberries

Strawberry Fudge Truffle Pie - vanilla custard, hot fudge and strawberries

Raspberry Fudge Truffle Pie - vanilla custard, hot fudge and raspberries

Taffy Apple Pie - vanilla custard, caramel, apple topping, chopped nuts and 5 cherries

Hot Fudge Oreo Pie - vanilla custard, hot fudge, oreos and 5 cherries

Create your own Pie - up to three toppings, FYI Chocolate Syrup does not freeze.

If you would like a different flavor of custard other than vanilla or chocolate, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

We do require a 24 hour notice for all Pie's!!

We will try to have Turtle Pie's on hand

Seasonal Pie's - September/October

Pumpkin Pie - pumpkin custard with cinnamon sprinkled on top

Cinnamon Pie - cinnamon custard with cinnamon sprinkled on top

Peppermint Pie - chocolate pie shell, peppermint custard with peppermint pieces sprinkled on top

Seasonal Pie's require a 48 hour notice