We now have a DRIVE-THRU WINDOW that will be open. This drive-thru window will only be open until the stay at home order has been lifted!! Once the stay at home order is lifted we will go back to the walk up window. For SAFETY REASONS we cannot have both a drive-thru and walk windows going at the same time. 
(Please have patience with us as running a drive-thru is new for us.)
HOW IT WORKS (weather dependent).
We are having cars form into two lines near the entrance, and then will start to merge into one line towards the back lot. There maybe an employee that will take your order near the picnic area otherwise you will need to place your order at the Drive-Thru Window. If you have a larger order you will be asked to pull ahead in a designated spot and your order will be brought out to you.
If you do not wish to wait in line, as you pull in you can take the far right lane and exit all the way around. Please do not backup, turn around and exit the entrance!!
We ask you to have some patience with the Drive-Thur as this is a new experience for us. 
Thanks the Ollie's Team!!!

drive thru

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